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BURSWOOD is situated 2km from the Perth CBD.

Burswood is derived from 'Burrs-Wood', the name given to his property by the original land holder of the area, Henry Camfield.
Camfield named his property "Burrs-Wood” after his father’s farm in England.
The area became known as Burrswood Island in 1841 when a canal was cut through the peninsula so as to shorten the trip to Guildford.
The present accepted spelling of "Burswood" is the result of a spelling error by the men who painted the sign for the first railway station in the area in 1893. It was known as ‘Rivervale’ Station from 1921-1993.

The new sixty thousand seat Burswood Stadium is due for completion in 2018 will be sensational & will also be linked to East Perth via a footbridge.

The "BURSWOOD CASINO" was officially opened in 1985; and is located just minutes from our office!

BURSWOOD area is experiencing excellent growth and is one of the most sought after areas in W.A

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